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Kandui Resort Surfing, Mentawai Islands, Indonesia.


Kandui Resort offers a world entirely beyond time and obligations. For adventurous surfers looking for a relaxing surfing vacation or surf holiday in the company of world class waves to everyday wanderers looking for a private paradise – you’ve found it! Hidden among the palms on this remote island are just 8 traditional Mentawai “umas” offering solitude and luxury and conveniently surrounded by perfect surf in every direction.






During your stay on Kandui, home will be one of only 8 “umas”, traditional thatched houses built in the traditional Mentawai style by local Mentawaian craftsmen. Each is clean, spacious, comfortable, and offers an unparalleled view to the waves, ocean, and islands that surround the resort. Hand-woven vaulted ceilings and the natural design features provide a sense of adventure and culture while the interior design features provide a feeling of home. Each traditional “uma” is identified by a unique Mentawai name but we commonly refer to them by number as they extend away from the restaurant. Listed below are some of the features available in each uma:


– Each uma includes beautiful, hand-sanded hardwood floors, and custom wood furniture including a couch, desk, small table, and chairs.
– The entire space is cooled down by a combination of ceiling fans, portable fans, and air conditioning. 
– Every uma is also outfitted with a dedicated wireless connection and small speaker to play your Ipod. 
– Each “uma” provides ample sleeping and bathing areas accentuated by a queen sized bed with nets, rattan furniture, and its own sense of warmth and identity.
– All umas are stocked with cold drinks.
– Each bathroom has a sink, toilet, mirror, shower, and is completely tiled.
– Bath, hand, and face towels are available in every room but we encourage people to bring their own beach towels.
– Electrical outlets with adaptors for charging a multitude of electrical devices. (Please note we use a 220V current and Indonesian plugs so be careful before you plug anything in!)
– There are screened windows with a glass window that can be shut tight and locked, with curtains on the inside to let in, or block out light.
– There is a a specific area to hang wet clothes outside and in the bathroom.
– Each uma holds two to three people and is outfitted with wood shelves to store clothes and belongings inside.
– Your uma should be able to store all of your clothes, toiletries, and miscellaneous items. Larger items such as surfboards are stored in a designated area outside your uma or in the surfboard staging area that you can access to grab a new board, fins, leash, whatever you need. The staff will be able to help you find room for all of your belongings in a safe place where you can find them easily if needed.
– Each uma fans out to the south of the restaurant along a spectacular white sand beach. The paths to each uma are professionally landscaped and maintained to the highest degree with a combination of jungle foliage and coconut trees between each one providing privacy.








Kandui’s restaurant and bar is the main congregation area, the heart of the resort, and our most prized structure. Kandui Restaurant and Bar was built from the ground up virtually by hand. It’s design principles follow the local traditions and customs and every inch of this area has been meticulously detailed to provide a sense of barefoot luxury. Each day the resort’s chef prepares a variety of food with an emphasis on the succulent seafood caught by local fisherman and our guests. Sit back and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of our restaurant – which serves some of the tastiest food in Sumatra in front of one of the most idyllic settings possible.



Guests find our open air dining to be as much fun as it is delicious and varied. We offer full meals ranging from local Indonesian dishes to pasta plates, pizza, chicken and of course fresh fish. We consider every meal extremely important to give you the energy you need to surf all day. There is a set schedule for meals so you don’t have to wonder what time you eat. We will also have as many barbeques as possible; nothing is tastier or more satisfying than having a bbq with your close friends on a remote, tropical island with perfect waves reeling in the distance. 3 soft drinks and 3 juices are included for free each day. Extra sodas, juices, beer hard alcohol, and mixed drinks are available for a nominal fee.


For early-birds, there is cereal, fruit salad, and toasts available in the restaurant.

– Breakfast – 6:30am – 10:30am – Please order with the bartender.
– Lunch – 12:30pm – 2:30pm
– Dinner – 7:30pm – 8:30 pm



Beer is available for all of our guests, a variety of hard alcohol, wine, and mixed drinks will also be available for purchase when available.








Do as much or as little as you like. The landscape and activities available in our area are extraordinary and varied. There are things to keep you totally busy or you can practice the fine art of doing nothing at all. Here is a short list of our most popular activities:

– Surfing
– Bocce Ball
– Fishing
– Snorkeling
– Table Tennis
– Jungle or Beach Volleyball
– Poker
– Board Games
– Movies
– Satellite TV with Big Screen TV
– Karaoke
– Picnic
– Visit a Local Village
– Yoga (No instructor on site)
– Jungle Cruise
– Cultural Tours

Your time on Kandui is your own, whether you’re surfing, snorkeling, fishing, lounging, visiting local villages, or participating in one of our unique cultural tours – there is something for everyone. Couples can reserve a beach for the day and enjoy a romantic picnic together. Relax, read a book, play in the warm, inviting equatorial waters, this area is beautiful – enjoy it!






Our ultimate goal is to provide our guests the most authentic Mentawai experience possible and our core mode of transportation achieves this. We primarily utilize 3 luxury canoes and 2 tenders to shuttle people around the resort for whatever activity they are enjoying. Each one of our luxury canoes is capable of cruising at a very comfortable 20 knots and that is really all we need due to the geographic proximity to most of the surf spots and various sites we visit. All canoes have the necessary safety and communication equipment in case of emergencies. The tenders are used to shuttle people around our immediate area. We have also added a 39′ Catamaran with 2×250 hp engines perfect for cruising all day, surfing and fishing as well as another 39’ Speedboat for guest transfers and emergencies.




At Kandui Resort we do not operate a set schedule for the boats, we try to surf when our guests are ready to surf. On a typical day we have an “early” boat that will leave in search of waves around 6:30am and another boat will leave an hour later for the guests who like to eat breakfast before going out. A lot of times our guests surf right out in front of the resort, in those instances we utilize our tenders and even waverunners to shuttle guests to and from the surf. Most of the time the boats will return for lunch and then head back out for afternoon searches as conditions dictate. Where we surf is heavily dependent on the wind, tide, and swell conditions; your surf guides will be able to communicate what might be working best but ultimately we like to surf where the consensus of the group feels like going. Lastly, all of the boat drivers carry cameras to capture the day’s events and show off their shots at the nightly slideshow!






Kandui Resort currently offers a large variety of Surftech and Firewire surfboards for guests to use on their trip. We have stocked the resort with these boards for travelers who would prefer not to have to hassle with the costs and burden of transporting their own boards through airports and across the globe. Since these boards are created with a consistent shape every time you’ll be able to surf the same board you surf at home and when available choose what fins you want to use from our FCS and Future Fins Testing Centers. Since many guests have their own personal preferences when it comes to fins and leashes we do encourage you to bring your own in case we do not have the exact type of set-up you are used to.

Kandui Resort strives to provide our guests an all-inclusive, high-end vacation that will allow you to put these boards to the test in the best surf the world has to offer. Through this unique opportunity you can now reserve your dream trip and leave the boardbag at home because an entire quiver of surfboards will be at your disposal on arrival – it’s the perfect solution for the intrepid surf traveler who doesn’t want to worry about whether their boards made it or not, they’re already there!

Pricing is subject to change but a ballpark figure is to plan for $30/day to access the whole array of surfboards at Kandui. Please feel free to e-mail info@kanduiresort.com for an updated list of surfboards at the resort and to make a reservation when necessary.





Kandui Resort has recently upgraded our surfboard storage area to accommodate over 100 boards including the 3 dozen or so Surftech’s we have in our “Tuflite Travel” program and 20 brand new Firewires.

– Once you arrive at Kandui we prefer if you take your travel boardbag and store it on the side porch of your uma to save space. As your trip progresses and you are pulling out boards to use please feel free to leave them in the surfboard storage area as a matter of convenience.

– It is your responsibility to keep track of where you leave boards and to remember to grab them off the boats after you surf.

– Kandui has a limited supply of leashes and traction pads but we suggest you bring a lot of extra leashes, wax, fin keys, fin screws, and fins to be on the safe side.

– Finally, we have a fresh water shower directly in front of this area – when you’re done surfing most people rinse off and leave their boards at the surfboard storage area before returning to their umas to clean up.










The local climate is considered tropical, hot, and humid with a temperature range between 70 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit or 21 – 32 degrees Celsius. The water temperature is always around 80 degrees (27 degrees Celsius) no matter what time of year you visit. The local landscape is dense, tropical forest with four main islands and dozens of auxiliary islands – sprinkled with a few main coastal villages throughout. The dry season in this area spans from February to September and the wet season typically occurs between October – January. At any time of the year however expect regular rainfall in short intervals – heavy at times. Local winds surrounding the resort are variable throughout most of the year but occasionally go through intermittent periods of storminess, called “Badai’s”. Kandui lies exactly 1 degree below the Equator and as a result is not influenced by the steady easterly trade winds often associated with the rest of Indonesia – that’s what makes this area so unique!



Kandui Resort has adopted a 10 day/10 night or 11 day/11 night schedule. Our schedule can accommodate 18 people for each new group arriving and departing on alternate Saturdays and Tuesdays. All trips are available on a first come first served basis. Kandui Resort utilizes a speedboat depending on availability to get you out to the resort from Padang. We use a speedboat for one day transfers from Kandui – Padang and back, or make suitable alternative arrangements to minimize valuable vacation time lost.

PLEASE NOTE: All guests are required to be in Padang by 1:00pm on the first day of their trip and leave after 6:00pm on the last day of their trip. Ideally, we ask for guests to arrive the day before the trip starts to give us more options to get you out to the resort. All flight itineraries need to be confirmed by Kandui Resort prior to booking. We also advise that guests have flexible schedules with respect to their VISA requirements. Inclement weather can potentially cause delays to the flight or boat schedules. Kandui Resort will do everything in our power to ensure you are able to make your connecting flights but we reserve the right to not be responsible for unforeseen delays during the transfer process. Thank you for your understanding.







We are available 24 hours a day to help answer any questions you have.

Please feel free to contact Anthony Marcotti direct at +1.714.478.2487 or e-mail info@kanduiresort.com for any inquiry, question, or concern that you have regarding any aspect of a trip to Kandui Resort.






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Contact Name: Anthony Marcotti

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