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Sochi and Rosa Khutor, Krasnodar Krai, Russia
Chiltern Hills, England


Pisa City, Pisa Tower, Tuscany, Italy.

  Ancient Roman authors referred to Pisa as an old city. Strabo referred Pisa's origins to the mythical Nestor, king of Pylos, after the fall of Troy. Virgil, in his ...
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Budapest, Hungary.

Budapest (Hungarian: [ˈbudɒpɛʃt]; names in other languages) is the capital and the largest city of Hungary, and one of the largest cities in the European Union. It is the country's principal ...
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Agung Rai Art Gallery, Bali Fine Art, Bali.

Welcome to Agung Rai – Fine Art Gallery. The paintings in this catalogue have been selected from the collection of Agung Rai. The collection as a whole, with works dating ...
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Indonesian Cuisine.

Indonesian cuisine is one of the most vibrant and colourful cuisines in the world, full of intense flavour. It is diverse, in part because Indonesia is composed of approximately 6,000 ...
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Korean Cuisine, Korea.

Hanjeongsik, a full-course Korean meal with a varied array of banchan (side dishes). Korean cuisine has evolved through centuries of social and political change. Originating from ancient agricultural and nomadic ...
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Ukrainian culture, Ukraine.

Chernivtsi University, Cernauti Residentia, Ukraine (Сергій-Криниця).  ( photo : Haidamac ). Ukrainian culture and customs of Ukraine and ethnic Ukrainians. Ukraine has a shared culture and history with neighboring nations, ...
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Kecak Dance, Bali.

Kecak (pronounced [ˈketʃaʔ], alternate spellings: Ketjak and Ketjack) is a form of Balinese dance and music drama that was developed in the 1930s in Bali, Indonesia. Since its creation, it ...
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Barong Dance, Bali.

Barong is a lion-like creature and character in the mythology of Bali, Indonesia. He is the king of the spirits, leader of the hosts of good, and enemy of Rangda, ...
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