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Timofey Markov Press and Gallery, St. Petersburg, Rusia.

This recently opened printing press was established by a local enthusiast and collector to publish limited edition hand-printed art books. Working closely with top local artists, Timofey Markov produces books ...
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DiDi Art Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia.

DiDi Gallery has been open since 2003 and specializes in unofficial art from Leningrad and Moscow in the second half of the 20th century. In addition to the so-called "second ...
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Sova Art Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia.

This extremely friendly gallery is located in one of St. Petersburg's most picturesque corners, close to the major visitor attractions on Vasilievsky Island. Sova Art features painting and graphic works by ...
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Steklyannoe Nebo Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia.

( Source  :  http://www.saint-petersburg.com ). Located close to the Neva River on Vasilevskiy Island, Steklyannoe Nebo (which translates as "Glass Sky") is a commercial gallery dealing in Soviet art ...
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KGallery, St. Petersburg, Russia.

( Source  : http://www.saint-petersburg.com  ) Located on the Fontanka River Embankment near the Summer Garden, KGallery is among St. Petersburg's top commercial galleries, and has been open since 2005. In that ...
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