Faroe Islands, Denmark
Sochi and Rosa Khutor, Krasnodar Krai, Russia
Chiltern Hills, England
Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW), Sydney.
Orlando, Florida, USA.
Melbourne, Australia


Tteokbokki (떡볶이 – spicy rice cakes), Korean Foods.

Tteokkboki. ( Photo :   Keith Kim  ) Tteokbokki (떡볶이 – spicy rice cakes) – Rice cakes in a spicy red pepper paste sauce. And the bright red color should ...
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Lao Beijing Suannai (老北京酸奶), Chinese Foods.

  Translated as Old-style Beijing Yogurt, these little glass jars are a common sight on Beijing streets. While it tastes pretty similar to Western yogurts, it differs in the way ...
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Baozi (包子), Chinese Foods.

Baozi.  (  ) Baozi are stuffed steamed buns, a classic grab-and-go meal. They are a great filling snack, usually consisting of a meat in heavy white bread. Bamboo steamers ...
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Chuan’r (串儿), Chinese Foods.

These thin skewers of meat and sometimes veggies are probably the most widely available snack food in Beijing. Although it receives praise from 老外 (laowai, foreigners) for being an amazing ...
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Rou Jia Mo (肉夹馍), Chinese Foods.

Also known as a Chinese Hamburger, Roujiamo is stewed meat stuffed in a pita bun. The flavors of your roujiamo will depend on the vendor, as each use their own ...
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Jianbing (煎饼), Chinese Foods.

Jianbing has to be the ultimate Chinese breakfast. Bing booths are found on almost any street, most busy in the early mornings. It is made from a crepe base fried ...
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Family Li Imperial Cuisine, China.

Family Li Imperial Cuisine restaurant is the most famous restaurant in Yangfang Hutong, Houhai. Family Li serves imperial cuisine made with recipes and processing techniques handed down from ancestors. The ...
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Roast Duck from Nam Fong.

The roast duck from Nam Fong.  ( Photo  :  Kathy YL Chan ) The easiest type of omiyage to take home are pre-packed goods like mochi, chocolates, and sweets. But ...
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Poi Malasadas from Kamehameha Bakery.

Poi malasadas. ( Photo  : Kathy YL Chan ) Get to Kamehameha Bakery early in the mornings to score poi malasadas, just out of the fryer and liberally glazed. Malasadas ...
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