Faroe Islands, Denmark
Sochi and Rosa Khutor, Krasnodar Krai, Russia
Chiltern Hills, England
Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW), Sydney.
Orlando, Florida, USA.
Melbourne, Australia


Fish Balls, Philippines.

Fish Ball. ( photo  :  ) These are Fish Balls. Fish balls are a common street food in the Philippines. They are well-seasoned balls of ground fish and spring ...
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Pork Barbeque, Philippines Street Foods.

This is Pork Barbeque. Pork Barbeque are marinated slices of pork and is a very popular street food in the Philippines. Enjoy this recipe from us at Filipino Chow. Videos ...
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Philippines Street Foods, Banana Cue, Philippines Street Foods.

Banana Cue.  ( photo  :  ) This is Banana Cue. Banana Cue is one of the most well known Filipino snack foods. And it’s simple and easy to make ...
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Sisig, Philippines Street Foods.

Sisig. ( photo :  ) This is Sisig. Sisig is one of the most well-known appetizers or “pulutan” in the Philippines and is served on a sizzling platter and ...
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Kwek Kwek, Philippines Street Foods.

Kwek Kwek ( Photo  : ) This is Kwek Kwek. Kwek-Kwek is a famous Filipino street food made by deep-frying hard-boiled quail eggs that are covered with orange batter ...
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Mungbean Pancakes (빈대떡 – bindaetteok), Korean Foods.

Mungbean Pancakes (빈대떡 – bindaetteok). ( photo : Gemini761 ) Mungbean Pancakes (빈대떡 – bindaetteok) – Mungmean pancake is one of the most famous Korean street foods. It’s made from ...
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Fried Snacks (튀김 – twigim), Korean Foods.

Fried Snacks (튀김 – twigim) – The same carts that sell you tteokbokki, blood sausages and odeng also have delicious fried goods. These fried foods are dipped in a batter ...
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Odeng (오뎅 – fish cakes), Korean Street Foods,

(오뎅 – fish cakes) – At about 500 won a stick, fish cakes are the cheapest street foods you’ll find. They’re skewered on a stick and left in a delicious ...
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Sundae (순대 – blood sausage), Korean Foods.

Sundae (순대 – blood sausage). Photo  :  Keith Kim  ) Sundae (순대 – blood sausage) – Blood sausages are common foods around the world. Korea’s version of it uses coagulated ...
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